Build the diversity social demand based on experience and quality

Architectural design and value are evolving as demands from systems, programs, software, etc. increase in diversifying lifestyles.
Life infrastructure which can be said to be social infrastructure, should be able to follow the changes over a long period of time even after starting operation as a building.
We will respond the diversity social demand with our information and overall capabilities based on the long-term experiences and quality as an Organization Architectural Design Firm.



Distribution & Production Facilities

We aim to create facilities not only conventional logistics and production space design but also additional with functionality, safety, and environmental friendliness. We will inherit the know-how of designing and supervising logistics and production facilities from the initial establishment, and always create solid and new logistics and production facilities.


Funeral Halls

Funeral Halls facilities has been urgently required to redevelopment for super aging society. The funeral or cremation has been diversified from a traditional ceremony type to family private funeral, and funeral halls facilities are required to respond.

Message from the Domain Head

Naohiko Kobayashi

Executive Officer/Head of the Logistic and Basic Infrastructure Domain

Infrastructure which support logistics and life is crucial for us to lead an enriched life, and its importance is expected to increase even further. Furthermore, with the advent of the IoT/BD/AI era, the environment surrounding the fundamental industries is dramatically changing.

We the Logistic and Basic Infrastructure Domain always seek new value through highly specialized technical and creative skills and continue to provide high-quality facilities that support people’s lives and efficient corporate activities, while striving to be an organization that contributes to society.

Other major projects