Urban Development / Commercial Facilites

Innovation Leader in Urban and Architectural Design

In urban design, we seek the best architectural approach to urban environments, envision people living there, and pursue the ideal form of communication.

In commercial facility design, we strive to create a comfortable place focused exclusively toward visitors.



Urban design means creating social environments

Azusa believes urban design means creating a social environment that realizes the city’s full potential. A vibrant city enables people to network. Such human networks, in turn, generate an array of social and cultural activities, making the city’s social environment even more energetic. Creating a vibrant city requires more than just developing infrastructure and reconstructing buildings; it calls for designing an environment appropriate to the city, the avenues supporting people’s lives, and effective methods of communication. Azusa develops such urban visions together with the client, discovers approaches to realize the city’s full potential utilizing our expertise in legal and planning systems, and proposes the best option that brings out the latent charms and possibilities of the city.

■Our expertise in urban design
Conducting surveys and research; considering uses and proposing plans; and revitalizing and designing cities.


Commercial facility design means creating places to relax

Creating comfortable places for visitors to relax—that is exactly what designing commercial facilities means to Azusa. A thriving and lively community cannot be built by simply considering what tenant stores a commercial facility should have and which stores should be located in which area of the facility. The most important thing, we believe, is to make the commercial facility a place whose focus is always exclusively on visitors. The purposes of people coming to a commercial facility vary depending on time of the day and season of the year; they drop by in a hurry on the way to work or school in the morning, have lunch around noon, shop or have tea and talk in the evening, and dine with a view at night. We propose creating a place in which people from all walks of life can always enjoy and relax, clearly envisaging what such a place should be like.

■Our expertise in commercial facility design
Analyzing market suitability; proposing, planning, and designing the optimum use of space; and formulating total product-out strategies.

Message from the Domain Head

Tomoaki Wade

Executive director and head of the Urban Development & Commercial Facilities Domain

The United Nations and other institutions forecast that the global population will continue to rise, mainly in South Asia and Africa. Furthermore, the rate of growth of urban populations is projected to exceed that of total population. This is also the case in Japan, where the total population is shrinking but the number of people living in the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya metropolitan areas is likely to continue growing.

To cope with the increasing density of cities going forward, organizations engaged in urban planning need to be equipped with advanced knowledge and innovative ideas about regional and architectural planning. Given that urban, business, and architectural planning is organically intertwined in urban mixed-use projects, our domain has a system in place whereby experts in pertinent fields can work together as a team to produce more effective plans.

Many development and commercial facility projects involve local landowners, businesses, and other stakeholders. Azusa’s strength lies in its policy of endeavoring to draw up plans and designs incorporating these perspectives as well while supporting the client all the way through to project completion.

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