Creating the Future of Government and Office Buildings

The functions and features required for government and office buildings substantially differ from one to another. The Workplace Domain works hand in hand with clients to discover the best solution, addressing the ever-changing needs and systems of society, such as the Japanese government’s initiatives for better work-life balance and the introduction of the My Number identification card system.



Pursue an ideal of government and office buildings

We need to innovate our ways of working in view of future social trends, such as an aging population with declining birthrate as well as the proliferation of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. In the field of government buildings, particular attention is paid to accelerating the use of building stock, reorganization of administrative functions, regional revitalization, and cooperation with citizens. At the same time, businesses are facing a number of management challenges, which include how to promote knowledge creation, collaborative initiatives toward innovation, diversity, and employee health. Azusa is committed to identifying the issues clients face and providing solutions.


Facility planning according to requirements of various aspects

It is crucial to set the right direction for each project by uncovering client needs, exploring problems, and gaining sufficient insight in the planning phase. Placing the highest priority on workers at and users of the buildings we design, Azusa works to establish a programing method for designing office and government buildings. Such a method will help us define the ways to prioritize tasks, formulate plans, and propose them to the client, based on a comprehensive consideration of efficiency, costs, services, productivity, and many other elements from a long-term, multifaceted perspective.


Maximize a building’s value through comprehensive design

The value each client wishes to add to its building varies depending on the nature of the client’s business and the purpose of the building. We also need to be aware that business continuity affects not only business owners but also the recipients of their services.

Azusa will continue to strive for zero-energy buildings while helping clients discharge their social responsibility, addressing the energy issues of the time, and ensuring continuity of corporate operations and municipal services. Making use of our comprehensive capabilities as a corporate architectural firm that encompasses design and engineering, we maximize the value each building generates.

Message from the Domain Head

Yoji Shiga

Director and head of the Workplace Domain

Going forward, architects will be required to play a more diversified and specialized role, addressing the more varied needs of clients.

We aim to be a group of experts able to make innovative proposals drawing on expertise and experience, while also ensuring the functional, economic, and environmental performance of buildings. At the same time, we actively take on the challenge of entering new fields through collaboration with sales and marketing divisions.

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