Satoyama Stadium, home to FC Imabari. The project is finally under way!

We have been planning and designing a new stadium for FC Imabari, a soccer club whose home town is Imabari City. Going forward, we will continue working on the project to make the new stadium reality together with the team and the local community.

The concept of the new stadium project is "Satoyama Stadium". With the soccer stadium at its core, we aim to create a new hub for next-generation culture and exchange, a place that inspires emotion and a connection between people and the region. “Satoyama” is a type of landscape original to Japan, both a lively gathering place and a place of spiritual wealth, where people and nature coexist. A place for everyone to rediscover the appeal of Imabari, where people, things, and events gather together around the core that is the soccer stadium, while coexisting with nature and the surrounding scenery. This is the modern Satoyama we are aiming to create. People turn Satoyama into a hub, giving birth to real interactions and excitement, forming a Satoyama that energizes visitors across the generational gap from children to the elderly. We will continue our efforts on regional revitalization with the new stadium at the core of our activities.

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