The First Company in Japan to Promote Health Management with the Apple Watch Series 6

As a tool to promote health management and the analysis of our workplace environment, we will be lending Apple's latest smartwatch, Apple Watch S6, to all interested employees. As part of our efforts to reform the way we work, improve efficiency and promote remote work, we have provided all employees with laptop computers, iPhones and iPads. And now, we will also provide our employees with Apple Watch S6 smartwatches, which is a first in Japan.
Having obtained the WELL v2 platinum certification (certified by the American IWBI) at our head office, we continue our efforts to promote health management aimed at maintaining and improving employee health and productivity, not only from the perspective of space design, but also that of wellness and comfort. As part of this initiative, about 400 employees will be provided with Apple Watch S6 smartwatches to raise health awareness, to be used as a tool to help them manage their own health, including tips for exercising as well as lectures on its useful functions to improve work efficiency. In addition, activity ring data from the watches will be aggregated using the "Challenge App," a dedicated application from U.S. company Lose It!, so that it can be used for team building activities, such as team competitions within the company using exercise results. This use of the Challenge App is also the first of its kind in Japan.
Furthermore, the data collected from consenting employees will be used for workplace environment analysis, which will not only improve the health of our employees, but also provide feedback for future design proposal activities, thereby offering even more added value to our customers.

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