The J-League Club FC Imabari’s New Stadium Project
“Satoyama Stadium” Special Website Now Open!

FC Imabari's new stadium project, “Satoyama Stadium,” for which basic design work has been underway since January 2020, now has a special website. With the start of detailed design scheduled for April 2021 toward a planned opening in 2023, we will continue to work with the local community to promote the project to its completion.

The Satoyama Stadium has been designed to inspire a lively atmosphere all year round. On soccer match days, the stadium will be a state-of-the-art soccer stadium where spaces reminiscent of satoyama create a festive and exciting atmosphere, and where fans can get even more enjoyment out of the game with spectator areas close to the playing field, VIP rooms, “satoyama box” seats that offer a variety of alternative game-watching environments, and through the introduction of smart technology.
On non-match days, the stadium aims to provide an open space where visitors can relax, interact with each other, and enjoy a variety of different activities. The satoyama-style space, which presents a different landscape depending on the season and time of day, will continue to evolve as it is created together with the local community. The aspiration for Satoyama Stadium, which will continue to develop in harmony with the local community and surrounding nature, is a stadium that will be loved by generations to come and become a symbol of the town.
“Satoyama” is a type of landscape original to Japan, both a lively gathering place and a place of spiritual wealth, where people and nature coexist.

Click here to visit the Satoyama Stadium website. (Japanese only)

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The J-League Club FC Imabari’s New Stadium Project
“Satoyama Stadium” Special Website Now Open!