Survey/Planning and consultation

The changing social situation urgently requires project models to be innovated, accelerating the diversification and sophistication of needs in such aspects as legal compliance, business continuity planning, and environmental protection. To understand changes in the social situation and minimize risk, conducting basic surveys swiftly is of paramount importance.

As the transformation to the so-called stock-based society progresses, architectural projects need to consider various options; in particular reconstructing, converting, or renovating existing buildings as opposed to constructing new buildings. Azusa proposes project plans that revitalize existing assets and maximize corporate value.

We serve as a reliable adviser and consultant to the client at every phase of the architectural project, from basic surveys—which assess the site, its environmental conditions, applicable laws and regulations, and the extent of deterioration and earthquake-resistance of existing buildings—and project planning, to design, construction supervision, and operation.

We also provide services that maximize the client’s profit, which include reviews, studies, and analyses to utilize the special zone, promotion zone, and other urban development schemes available for the project.

Our services

  • Architectural, civil engineering, urban, area, and other planning
  • Facility diagnosis
  • Project planning
  • Consulting regarding private finance initiatives
  • Earthquake-resistance diagnosis
  • Demand forecasts and other studies
  • Renovation planning
  • Existing facility surveys
  • Environmental impact a
  • Surveys and analyses relating to building maintenance and managementssessments
  • Land and soil surveys, and analyses
  • Assistance with obtaining development permits, applying for building confirmation, and handling other regulatory procedures