Design & Supervision

We live in a rapidly globalizing world where digitalization is advancing, artificial intelligence is expanding, and the uses and functions required for buildings are growing in diversity and complexity. Society also demands that building be environmentally friendly and prepared for unexpected disasters.

In this business climate, Azusa works hand in hand with clients, sharing their challenges, goals, themes, processes, and accomplishments. In that way, we engage in architectural design of all kinds head-on to achieve high client satisfaction.

To meet the needs of each client, we conduct precise surveys of the site and its environmental conditions, as well as detailed analysis harnessing our years of experience. Based on the findings from the surveys and analysis, the concept and goal that will increase the client’s corporate value are defined. Azusa has experts in a broad range of fields, extending from structural and facility design to interior and landscape design and cost management. These experts form a team together with experienced architects and construction supervisors. Capitalizing on their individual and collective strengths, they ensure the creation of a building that excels in environmental, design, functional, safety, and economic performance.

To achieve our aspiration of contributing to society through architectural design, we are doing our utmost every day.

Our services

  • Conceptual design
  • Structural design
  • Facility design
  • Interior design
  • Landscape design
  • Cost management
  • Design & Supervision
  • Disaster preparedness planning
  • Environmental planning
  • Construction oversight
  • Construction supervision