Azusa began examining the introduction of building information modeling (BIM) in 2006, and started its full-fledged use for architectural design in 2009. Then, to establish an efficient design process that helps produce high-quality deliverables, we have developed an Azusa BIM management system (AZ BIMS). This enables us to collate, examine, and share the latest information and know-how on BIM usage on an ongoing basis, as we work on a wide variety of design projects for public- and private-sector clients.

Further, in 2015 we established a business unit specializing in digital technology utilization and information gathering. This unit, named D Works, provides day-to-day support for architects to obtain and enhance drawing and modeling skills, while developing programs and performing complex simulations that are difficult for architects to handle. As such, these specialists take part in architectural projects through cooperation with architects. The D Works unit also considers it an important task to maintain BIM software as a tool. It therefore periodically updates the software templates and library, reprioritizes them in view of compatibility, and examines them in preparation for upgrades.

Azusa actively promotes the utilization of BIM, 3D models, and simulations as technologies that visualize our design proposals, to ensure that we fulfill our accountability to, and reach agreement with, the clients in a consistent manner.

Our services

  • Various simulations
  • Image processing using computer-aided design and computer graphics
  • Program development