Environmental design

We pursue simplicity and grace, true to the origin of our name, azusa (catalpa). Like this graceful tree, we aim to provide solid, high-quality services, consistently helping society prosper in a people- and environment-friendly manner. This represents the Azusa Style, the principle that guides us in the current era in which conserving the global environment must be promoted in full scale. In accordance with this principle, we are endeavoring to create longer-life buildings, use green materials, reduce environmental impacts, utilize renewable energy, introduce advanced energy-saving technologies, and design beautiful townscapes that are harmonious with nature.

Azusa has 30 years of experience in harnessing green technologies. Leveraging this green design capability, we are committed to leading the creation of a low-carbon society. We will continue to design simple and graceful buildings that are worthy of not only being passed down to future generations but also being regarded as global assets.

Reduced impact on the environment from heating and cooling

Azusa produces buildings whose heating and cooling systems have a reduced impact on the environment than those of conventional buildings, by installing a rooftop garden as well as cooling tubes that utilize an underground pit, on top of creating an airtight and thermally insulated building.

Utilization of renewable energy

In addition to utilizing renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and geothermal power, Azusa promotes architectural design that makes optimum use of the building’s location and the site’s geographic characteristics and climate conditions, with the aim of creating green buildings that can exist in harmony with nature.

Effective use of energy resources

Azusa proactively introduces heat pumps, LED lighting, and other advanced technologies, driving green design that helps reduce CO2 emissions significantly.

Longer-life buildings

Azusa’s architectural design enables buildings to be easily maintained, refurbished, and renovated. Furthermore, we employ raised access flooring, system toilets, and other equipment that enhances adaptability to future changes. Through these means, we produce longer-life buildings, contributing to the effective use of resources and waste reduction.

Environment simulations

Azusa performs computer-based numerical analysis at the design stage to simulate and verify airflow, thermal, light, and other interior environments for the purpose of realizing a more comfortable building.

Thermal environment simulation

This tool assesses a thermal environment and natural airflow in buildings of various forms. It is also used to examine air-conditioning methods for data centers and other rooms that generate a large amount of heat.

Light environment simulation

In addition to generating data through simulations, this tool makes a presentation more visually effective by integrating the data into 3D architectural models.