Project management

All manner of issues may arise at every phase of a project from the kickoff to the building completion, as well as after the building is in operation. Those issues, which have generally been increasing in number, need to be handled by skilled experts.

As a comprehensive architectural firm, Azusa has designed a whole range of buildings and resolved a wide variety of issues. In our total management services, we apply this strength to optimize a client’s project as a whole in a capacity different from that of a designer or constructor. Specifically, Azusa’s expert possessing a wealth of practical experience takes part and assists engineers in the project as the one-stop manager and the client’s valued partner.

Projects are required to be adaptable to a changing environment over time in line with the client’s business strategy. Azusa acts on behalf of the client in quantitative and qualitative aspects at every phase of the project, ensuring the client’s accountability to its stakeholders.

With offices and branch offices in Japan and abroad, Azusa is capable of managing wide-area projects. When multiple projects are running concurrently, each project follows a different process flow and needs to be dealt with in a timely manner. When modifications become necessary at any of the project sites, we are able to handle them from an overall perspective that encompasses quality, schedule, and cost management. By providing comprehensive arrangement, we help the client execute its business strategy.

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