City and regional plan

Azusa proposes viable plans that bring out the latent value of the land or site and enhance the project’s value added and brand power.

The urban and area planning Azusa offers

To make living in a city attractive, renewing its infrastructure and renovating buildings alone does not suffice. Utilizing our expertise in legal and planning systems, Azusa realizes the site’s full potential and brings out its hidden charm. A vibrant city enables people to network, which, in turn, generates an array of social and cultural activities. We propose a social environment design to build such a vibrant, thriving city.

Providing services needed at each phase

Property investment/use consideration phase

  • Assist the client in figuring out the most appropriate and effective way to utilize the property, such as by proposing a staged renovation plan.

Initial project planning phase

  • Exploit the site’s potential, by examining the feasibility of the project primarily through present-state analysis and market research, analyzing the given conditions of the site, and surveying the state of the city’s infrastructure.
  • Examine the usage and composition of the facility to estimate project costs; thereupon identify issues with realizing the plan and define a clear goal for the project.

Detailed project planning phase

  • Have concrete discussions with relevant entities and establish the project framework.
  • Find the best possible way to utilize the site, including the easing of height and use restrictions.
  • Consider with the regulatory authorities which urban planning scheme is most appropriate to the project, including special zone and redevelopment promotion zone schemes.
  • Compile the list of design conditions that shows the direction in which the project is heading.
  • Create the master schedule that indicates the project milestones.

Planning method determination phase

  • Have detailed discussions with the relevant entities and regulatory authorities to determine an accurate angle for the project.
  • Analyze and verify the items that must be included in the environmental impact assessment for the easing of the floor area ratio, building height, and other restrictions.
  • Implement multifaceted verification for determining the planning method, and provide comprehensive assistance for the client all the way through architectural design; thereby propose a viable plan that brings out the site’s latent value and enhances the project’s added value and brand power.

Our services

  • Area plans
  • Redevelopment plans
  • Transportation plans
  • Urban facility plans