Our approach at Azusa Sekkei is to share the concerns of clients, work closely together, and work with a sincere commitment.
We do not regard society, clients, users, and colleagues as "other" companies or individuals.
Rather, we treat their issues as if they were our own,
and we even enlist the help of other companies and individuals while ensuring they share this same mindset.
This means that everyone involved views that work as "our" story. We are sharing this concept through "WE ARE," which presents our new story for the coming future.


WE ARE is made up of a number of teams composed of professional individuals who collaborate with others both inside and outside the company.
This section provides updates on new team activities and projects.


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SDL is a design-thinking lab that specializes in bringing clients' "dreams" to life, as well as identifying and creating necessary "value."


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Advanced architectural design approaches have diversified in recent years while technical requirements have become more sophisticated. The AX team is a group of professionals who provide technical support on matters. We will continue to propose solutions from among ever-evolving technologies and provide support.


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"Airports have always been places where people can feel the thrill of an out-of-the-ordinary experience"
Our goal is not only to address social issues but also go beyond that to ensure a sense of comfort. We will continue to create designs that are emotionally engaging.