SDL (Story Design Labo.) is a design-thinking lab that specializes in bringing clients' "dreams" to life, as well as identifying and creating necessary "value."
SDL values the willingness to face the "truth" that emerges from the process of bidirectional communication and diligent research, as well as the ability to continue to provide genuine hospitality and exciting innovation that includes not only the output but also the process.
We believe that the tangible and intangible things created from such communication will create stories that will transcend time and inspire people to share them with others.


for innovation

In our projects, we strive to innovate from a framework that inspires people to share the "story" with others.
We plot the most effective and powerful story possible, aiming to realize designs that inspire clients, users, and local residents to share that story.


for hospitality

We incorporate the spirit of hospitality into every "story."
As our guiding principle, we aim to refine each project with a comprehensive design approach that extends beyond the soft (human) and hard (structural) aspects to realize hospitality that has been transformed from idea to physical form.


for creation

We research and prototype forward-looking building approaches, new materials, fabrication techniques, and construction methods, and feed these results back into real-world projects to help create even more successful stories.