# 1 _ WE ARE (Special new architecture issue with Azusa Sekkei’s 75th-anniversary publication)

In 2021, Azusa Sekkei released its 75th-anniversary publication, for which SDL handled everything from the project launch to direction.
"Diversity" was one of the keywords that we at Azusa Sekkei felt was a perfect fit during the concept creation process.
Each domain and team has its own logo and business card and is committed to pursuing new challenges and taking full ownership of all tasks, from the activities of branding teams such as SDL, to exploring new design styles using creation 4.0, and developing various apps and programs (e.g., PicArchi).
As a group of individuals who share these unique characteristics, we have incorporated our thoughts and ideas into the special issue of "WE ARE."

"Until Now, and Into the Future": Our New Story for the Coming Future

When we were considering the approach to the special issue, rather than presenting our past construction projects and company departments, we felt a strong desire to meaningfully express the AZS of today and compile works that could serve as a guidepost for AZS in the years to come.
To achieve this, we focused not only on AZS from the inside, but also on AZS from the outside. We asked non-architectural photographers to re-shoot our previous works in order to rediscover AZS from a fresh perspective, and we also held an in-house competition to have external judges delve deeper into who we are at AZS. The resulting collection depicts who "we are" from a variety of perspectives, and we believe that readers can get a sense of our story simply by opening any random page and reading it.