# 2 _ BE THE NEXT STANDARD (WOODRISE2021 Exhibition)

For the exhibit at WOODRISE 2021, SDL handled all aspects, from concept creation to designing the exhibition booth and creating content.

"New Wooden Architecture Inspired by a Vision of the Future"

In planning the exhibit, we began by discussing what Azusa Sekkei's stance should be on wooden architecture and what our strengths are. Each client places a different value on wood construction, and there are numerous obstacles to consider, including costs and legal regulations. We felt that our stance is to methodically confront each issue, focus on the ideal outcome, and work towards achieving the best solution. Our exhibit introduced a project to create a future wood construction prototype, and exhibited optimal solutions for different situations.

Project 01

Urban Wood-Constructed Multistory Building with Exposed Wood Structures: Yashio Gran Forecity Project

In this project, we took on the challenge of creating a fire-resistant wood-constructed building made of standard commercially-available lumber as a prototype of an urban wood-constructed multistory building. Conventional fire-resistant wood construction has significantly higher costs than that of steel (S) or reinforced concrete (RC) structures due to its composition of large cross-sections of wood and fire-resistive covering material. To address this, CROSSWOOD (patent pending) was newly developed as a hybrid wood structure that combines both steel and wood components. In urban buildings that require a 2-hour fire rating, this creates a future form of multistory wood construction that combines an inexpensive initial cost with an exposed wooden structure.

Project 02

Makigahara Elementary School Project: A spacious wood-constructed 3-story elementary school in a forest setting

Three-story wooden schools typically have a highly fire-resistant core to prevent the spread of fire. However, the placement of the core compartmentalizes the interior, which results in the problem of interior spaces that lack a sense of openness. This project aims to realize an ideal learning space that creates a sense of unity and openness that conforms to legal regulations by tackling the challenge of coming up with a never-before-achieved partitioning method based on the wall type.

Project 03

CO₂ emission visualization: The Carbon View APP

When considering the use of wood construction, one of the indicators is CO₂ emissions. We have developed an app that can compare CO₂ emissions by structure type simply by inputting usage, area, and the number of floors. This app serves as a communication tool to promote the project while also allowing the client to experience the CO₂-reducing benefits of wood construction.

Project 04

Emotional Wooden Airport: Considering airports of the future

This project pursues a new vision for airports that utilizes wood while incorporating evolving airport technology. Based on the airport facilities that Azusa Sekkei is currently involved in, we believe that gradually moving towards wood and wood-enhanced construction can be effective in creating a ripple effect of decarbonization throughout the country, including in surrounding cities. By utilizing wood's ability to control humidity and produce a comforting scent, along with the convenience improvements achievable through various technological innovations, our goal is to create airports whose value lies in delivering an emotional experience that is highlighted by amazing encounters and departure points for people's trips.

Project 05

Sustainability in exhibitions/Woodrise 2021 exhibition booth

This was an exhibition consisting of many exhibits containing items that are disposed of after only one use so our exhibition concept was to aim for zero waste including the sustainable use of exhibitions.
After the conclusion of Woodrise 2021, the exhibition was dismantled, transported to Tokyo, where a second exhibition has been set up in the entrance of the headquarters of Azusa Sekkei. Along with the actualization of the zero waste of wood through the reuse of materials, we continue to promote this exhibition to more and more people aside from just those who attended Woodrise 2021.
The exhibit booth consisted of a 1/2 scale model of the real concept hybrid wooden structure “Crosswood” and created a exhibition space that was dynamic and easy to understand.