Shinagawa Rehabilitation Park & Shinagawa City Osaki Library

  • Building owners

    Kohno Clinical Medicine Research Institute / Shinagawa City

  • Location

    Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

  • Completion


  • Number of Levels


  • Total floor area


  • Construction

    S structure, part SRC structure

This mixed-use complex, combining a hospital, long-term senior care facility, and library―which is rare even in Japan―was built on the former site of Gotenyama Elementary School in Shinagawa City, Tokyo. The general floor structure comprises hospital outpatient functions on the 1st floor, a library on the 2nd floor, long-term senior care on the 3rd and 4th floors, and hospital rooms for the hospital on the 5th to 7th floors.
The concept of Rehabilitation Park was to realize an urban community-based comprehensive care center by providing seamless services that integrate medical care, nursing care, and home care. Accordingly, its philosophy has been to contribute to the community through not only the hospital and senior care facility, but also through coordination with surrounding facilities that include the library and an adjacent elementary school.
Based on the design concepts of "creating a place for relaxation in the city" and "expanding areas where people can relax," we came up with the idea of creating a single place where a hospital, senior care facility, and library do not exist separately, but rather the three share an integrated design centered on the concept of "relaxation." The exterior of the building is unified by its layered overhangs and architectural greenery, which help to convey the concept of being a place for relaxation to the community. At the same time, the overhangs connect to the ceilings of the rooms through full-height openings to achieve bright and open interior spaces, and the greenery gives color to upper floor rooms which tend to be inorganic, to create a rich living space.

Photographing:Takumi Ota

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